We all want to be successful and live our purpose. We want the dream job, fabulous house, perfect family, and freedom to live without limits. But for some of us, it just hasn’t happened. Or maybe you appear to have an ideal life, but you’re still empty emotionally. Why hasn’t it happened yet? Why are you unable to grasp “happiness?” Ok, ok I’ll tell you, you are stuck because you are too full!

Yep, your emotional trashcan is overflowing, and it needs to be purged. Our “emotional trashcan” is an internal space inside each of you where unresolved issues, fears, failures, unforgivness, memories of past abuse, depression, and other emotionally crippling issues are tucked away and forgotten. Over time, this collection of clutter becomes a distraction and hinders you from seeing who you are authentically. So, it’s time for you to take action; it’s time for you to change the way you see yourself!

Right now you’re probably asking, what qualifies me as an expert on change and letting go? So, here it is straight with no chaser; I learned to hate everything about myself at a young age. When I was ten years old, I was told I was too skinny to be pretty. When I was twelve years old, I was told I was an unwanted bastard. When I was thirteen, the person who was sexually abusing me spit in my face looked me in my eyes and said, I was weak, and they would always control me. When I was in the ninth grade, my teacher actually had a meeting with my mother and questioned my intellect. When I was in college, one of my professors told me I was enrolled in the wrong school, and I needed to “reevaluate” my choice of school and career. So, throughout my life, I saw myself as an ugly dumb victim who had nothing to offer the world.  So how did I go from all those people telling me I “wouldn’t” and “couldn’t” to telling me how proud they are, claiming they know me and asking for free books? I’m glad you asked; I changed the way I saw myself! Believe me, it wasn’t easy. I cussed, I fussed, I kicked, and I screamed many nights, but I made it. And so can you!

What does changing the way you see yourself look like? It looks and feels like crawling into your emotional trashcan sifting through the rotten stinking toxic mess you’ve collected over the years to make room for the blessings God has for you. Change the way you see yourself is not just another popular mantra it’s a lifestyle that will transform your soul and nourish your spirit.  As a women experiencing the joy of seeing myself as fearfully and wonderfully made,  I want to help you transform your life by empowering and equipping you to live your best life.  



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