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So how did I go from people telling me I “wouldn’t” and “couldn’t” to telling me how proud they are, claiming they know me and asking for free books? I’m glad you asked; I changed the way I saw myself! Believe me, it wasn’t easy. I cussed, I fussed, I kicked, and I screamed many nights, but I made it. And so can you!

I changed the way I saw myself by diving deep inside my emotional trashcan sifted through the rotten stinking toxic mess I collected over the years to make room for the blessings God had me.

Yep, your emotional trashcan is overflowing, and it needs to be purged. Our “emotional trashcan”is an internal space inside each of you where unresolved issues, fears, failures, unforgivness, memories of past abuse, depression, and other emotionally crippling issues are tucked away and forgotten. Over time, this collection of clutter becomes a distraction and hinders you from seeing who you are authentically. So, it’s time for you to take action; it’s time for you to change the way you see yourself!

Join us for the EnpowerMe Masterclass

Confidence = Freedom: Lack of confidence can lead to paralyzing fear and deferred dreams. A greater sense of self confidence will allow you to see yourself as fearfully and wonderfully made. When you see yourself as worthy, you are  more likely to take risks, follow your dreams and live your best life. The masterclass will empower you to free yourself from negative thoughts and feelings of inadequacy.

One of the most common questions people ask themselves is, “what is my pur­ pose?” Your personal purpose statement will help answer that question. Your personal purpose statement defines who you are and what you’re passionate about. Your purpose statement summarizes your goals, clarify your vision and identify what makes your heart sing.


Our emotional trashcan is an internal space where unresolved issues, fears, failure, and insecurities are tucked away and forgotten. Over time, this collection of clutter becomes a distraction and hinders you from seeing who you are au­thentically. During the masterclass, we will explore your internal map and discover the things that keep you from accomplishing your goals. You will also learn how to empty your trashcan andcreate a plan to accomplish your goals.

One of the crucial steps in changing the way you see yourself is learning how to change your language; learning how to speak life to your  soul.  We are  often  guilty  of wounding our  spirit by  convincing ourselves that we’re  not good enough, we can’t, we are not worthy,  or we are worthless.  How we speak to our  soul is just as essential to our personal growth as the way others speak to us. When you speak life  into  your  spirit  you transform your internal environment from dehydration to restora­tion. help you transform your internal language of insecurity from “I can’t” to “Yes, I can” from “I’m not worthy” to “I am enough.”


This in-depth three hour course will challenge you to dig deep and discover what’s hindering you from living a life without limits. At the end of the class you will set goals and develop a plan that will help you not only see yourself as capable of accomplishing extraordinary things, but take action toward achieving your goals.

EmpowerMe Masterclass

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"The EmpowerMe Masterclass was much more than I could have imagined. Kiffany Duggar presented her material with authenticity and knowledge. She encouraged each participant to dig deep within to understand what was needed to rid herself of the trash she was harboring from the past. I left the EmpowerMe Masterclass feeling as though I could rewrite the script I was given early on in life. Kuddos, Kiffany for a job well done!"
Sylvia G. Phillips
Transitional Coach