Go ahead and Free yourself: release regret by eMbracing GRATITUDE

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Wooo, Shuga Honey Pie…If there is one thing 2020 has given me, it’s too much time to think!

Thank you for listening to my audio message. As you can tell, I’ve spent quite a bit of time inside my head sifting through various decisions I’ve made in my life. Unfortunately, I got stuck in the space of regret.  The superdooperspectacular thing is, I have taken the steps to free myself from regret and move into a space of gratitude. 

There are many steps along this journey, but my first step was discovering how regret robed me of enjoying some amazing experiences.. Life happens and it’s never too late to grow and learn from negative experiences that have impacted our lives.  Don’t be so hard on yourself; free your mind, forgive yourself and commit to healing and helping someone else heal. We are not magical wizards that can turn back the hands of time. The only thing we can do is move forward and do our absolute best to be better humans.

3 Ways to Release Regret and Embrace Gratitude.

FORGIVE YOURSELF: Regret, guilt, unforgiveness are all cousins that create negative energy. None of these change the action that caused regret. Use your journal, write a letter to yourself or just talk to yourself and confess your regret. After you have released that thing you are holding on to, forgive yourself. If your actions affected someone else, ask for their forgiveness as well. Consider writing them a letter. People are more likely to read and emotionally ingest a letter than physically hear your words of lament.

EMBRACE THE LESSON: Sometimes we have to play devil’s advocate with ourselves. When we are disappointed by someone else or our own decisions, we feel angry, bitter and uncomfortable. We are only able to display negative emotions. After we’ve had time to think clearly, we typically realize the situation could have been handled better. Set aside quiet time and write down or replay the incident you regret. Take the positive learning approach instead of a “what I should have done” perspective. Ask yourself; 1) What could I have done differently? 2) What did I learn about myself and the way I handle disappointment? 3) Do you I see a pattern in my behavior?  4) DId I play a role in making this a negative situation? If so, consider apologizing for your negative actions? 5) What lesson have I learned from this experience.  6) How can I move forward?

MOVE FORWARD: Regret is like walking on a glue trap, it’s difficult to move forward without the residue of past decisions sticking to your every move. Well, it’s time to rip that trap off and be proactive instead of reactive.  Ask yourself, what do I need to move past feelings of regret? Remember you cannot rewind time.  The only thing you can do is move forward by becoming a better human being. Learn from your mistake, don’t wallow in it. Make a list of 5 ways you will move forward. 

BE GRATEFUL: Regret can cause you to lose sight of your blessings. Although, we have experienced a situation that left us angry, confused and insecure somethings happen for a reason. Not everything negative is designed to break us, it is designed to rebuild us. What does not destroy us to the point of death makes us stronger. Recall the situation that caused regret.