The Generosity of Emptiness

Do you feel like you’re stuck in park? Do You feel like an invisible barrier is hindering you from moving forward?  Can you feel that special “something” brewing  inside, but fear, insecurity, and uncertainty are holding you back from stepping on the path toward your purpose?   Well, you’re not alone! The simple truth is, we all want to be successful and live our purpose. We want the dream job, the dream house, and the dream family, and the dreamy husband. But for some of us it just hasn’t happened. Why hasn’t it happened yet? Ok, ok I’ll tell you; You can’t catch a dream with a closed hand! At some point, you have to open your hands and let go of the things that’s holding you back; yep, it’s that simple!
A few years ago, I found myself sitting right where you are, in the middle of a trash heap trying to sift through the rubble of my brokenness. My physical health began to fail me once again, and I was holding on to my sanity by a split end. I’d reached a point where I felt like I had nothing left. Actually, I felt like I was juggling wet noodles. My life was hard to grasp, and the pieces that I could catch a hold of were breaking apart in the palms of my hands. I’d been unemployed for almost two years, battling depression, trying to build a successful business brand, dodging bill collectors, facing eviction, facing failed book sales and literally counting pennies one by one—all while trying to keep up appearances to deflect attention from what a mess I was in.
As a human being, I could not understand what was happening in my life. Why couldn’t I accomplish my goals, why wasn’t I successful, why did I spend countless hours writing a book that wouldn’t sell; why… why… why?  In the midst of a desert filled with emptiness, I prayed fervently that the Lord would reveal His plan to me. God kept saying I’m preparing you, I’m trusting you.  But, I just couldn’t wait for what ever “it” was to be revealed in His time. Instead, I needed to know immediately what the future held.  The last thing I wanted to do was wait. I had reached the bottom of the barrel, I had nothing left. In fact, all I had left was the trash that I’d collected and tucked away in my emotional trashcan throughout my whole life.  What could I do with the emotional trash of disappointment, failure, guilt, shame, abuse, unforgiveness, abandonment, and anger? How could I even begin to sift through the clutter and reclaim what was rightfully mine? How could I wait one more second for an answer from God? For months, the answers to these questions escaped me. And then one day, it happened. I was at a conference where I heard someone say, “You never just have nothing.” In that moment, I encountered what I like to call “the generosity of emptiness.” Would you like to know what’s so great about being empty?  Great, because I desperately want to tell you.  Listen to my message, “The Generosity of Emptiness” and let’s see if we can’t help you

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