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Who the Heck Am I?

Welcome to my online home. I'm excited you decided to stop by. I’m sure you’re wondering who I am and why should you be interested in getting to know me. Well, if I had to provide a cookie-cutter description of myself, I'd tell you, I’m really just a girl from Detroit by way of Mississippi who loves to write fiction that entertains and non-fiction that empowers. I love sweet tea, a comfortable pair of jeans, a funky pair of sexy heels, a to-die-for handbag and anything or anyone made in Mississippi! I believe in living life authentically without limits and labels.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t always able to say all those wonderful things about myself and truly mean them, but writing saved my life. My passion for writing was born during a barren season. While battling a physically and emotionally challenging illness, I had to learn to dig my way out of the pit of depression with prayer, a pen, a laptop, and legal notepad.

My dream of being a successful author would not have come true without believing it was possible, and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. It took some time for me to see myself as worthy of accomplishing something extraordinary. Fortunately, I was able to transform my life by taking steps toward letting go of fear, insecurity, negative thoughts and strongholds that kept me from living my best life. That is why I am committed to empowering you to change the way you see yourself by rediscovering the extraordinary power that lives inside.

So exactly, what does that look like? Well, I invite you to come on in, hang out for a while. I hope to empower you to live your best possible life!

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