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Change the Way You See Yourself

Preview Chapter The Generosity of Emptiness   Have you ever felt like you were sitting at the bottom of a barrel, weighed down with the burdens of depression, grief, abuse, and unforgiveness? Are you running on empty and feel as …

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Twisted Truth

A Family Affair… Almost two years after tracking down and murdering the men that destroyed her family, Seth St. James is finally able to pick up the pieces of her broken life. Enjoying motherhood and wedded bliss, Seth’s husband Alex …

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The Green Eyed Butterfly

Unlocking the mystery… People have always been intrigued by Seth St. James, especially her green eyes. After all, she looks nothing like the woman who raised her. But Seth’s past is cloaked in mystery. No one knows about the tragic accident …

I love to write; sometimes I'm writing even when I'm asleep...


Kiffany Dugger

"I'm Just a Storyteller"


Kiffany Dugger

Being an author is not just about writing colorful anecdotes or merely selling books; it’s painting a vivid intricately woven picture that engulfs readers and takes them on a journey far beyond their imagination. One of the greatest rewards of being a writer, is bringing joy to people’s lives through my writing. I love meeting readers and developing long lasting relationships.

While attending a book club meeting, one of the club members informed me that she missed a day of work to finish reading “The Green Eyed Butterfly.” The love and support from my readers inspires me to stretch my imagination outside the realm of ordinary thinking and create riveting, suspenseful and soul stirring stories that leave you spellbound wanting more. I love to write and I allow my characters to tell me what they want me to say. When people ask me to classify my writing in a particular genre, I simply respond, “I’m just a storyteller.”

Change the Way You See Yourself

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

change_printTurn your trash into your testimony!

Are you running on empty, feeling like you have nothing left? Do you feel like you are sitting at the bottom of a barrel, weighed down by the burden of depression, abuse, grief from a loss, and unforgiveness? Are the pages of your life-book stained with the residue of a painful past? These are just a few signs that your emotional trashcan is full and overflowing causing you to feel like you are spinning out of control.

What is an emotional trash can? Our emotional trash can is an internal space where unresolved issues, fears, failures, and insecurities are tucked away and forgotten. This emotional clutter distracts us and keeps us from realistically seeing who we are. Most of us are so full with our own emotional trash that we cannot see beyond the clutter of our own lives to appreciate the amazing power that lives within. It’s time to sift through our clutter, empty our emotional trash can and change the way we see ourselves!

In this authentic, emotional account of her battle with poor body image, depression, unforgiveness due to a painful past and the emptiness of growing up without her father, Kiffany Dugger shares how she turned her trash into a powerful testimony. This book is the ultimate guide on healing, with which you can learn how to forgive, clearing the way for a healthy relationship and embracing the awesome power that lives within. From beginning to end, Dugger plants seeds of change to help you rip off the mask and change the way you see yourself!








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The Generosity of Emptiness


The Generosity of Emptiness

Have you ever felt like you were sitting at the bottom of a barrel, weighed down with the burdens of depression, grief, abuse, and unforgiveness? Are you running on empty and feel as though you have nothing left? Are the pages of your life-book stained with the residue of a painful past? If your answer to those questions is yes, you have taken the first step in acknowledging that your emotional trash can is overflowing and should be emptied immediately.

When we enter the world, we are not given a life map or a blueprint that will chart our exact course. Our parents are not handed a handbook that reveal step-by-step instructions outlining our journey from beginning to end. Every one of us has a story to tell. The contents of our individual lifebooks may vary from beginning to end, but somewhere in the middle, our pages are stained with residue from our emotional trash cans. Somewhere in between birth and death, reality steps in and dire situations occur at the most inopportune times. Tragedy strikes, unemployment sends us into a financial tailspin, a loved one dies, or domestic violence invades our relationships. These unwelcome circumstances, along with other countless other factors, test our faith, filling our emotional trashcans to overflowing with uncontainable debris.

A few years ago, I found myself sitting right where you are, in the middle of a trash heap trying to sift through the rubble of my brokenness. My physical health began to fail me once again, and I was holding on to my sanity by a split end. I’d reached a point where I felt like I had nothing left. Actually, I felt like I was juggling wet noodles. My life was hard to grasp, and the pieces that I could catch a hold of were breaking apart in the palm of my hands. I’d been unemployed for almost two years, battling depression, trying to build a successful business brand, dodging bill collectors, facing eviction, and literally counting pennies one by one—all while trying to keep up appearances to deflect attention from what a mess I was in. ↓ For more, read the preview chapter ↓ 


Book 2 of The Seth St. James Series

Sample Chapter

Book 1 of The Seth St. James Series

Sample Chapter

Change the Way You See Yourself


Coming May 2015

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